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    Meowston, we have an upgrade!

    To the moon and beyond! Our Meow-ter Space 2.0 cardboard cat box will have your kitten playing, hide-and-seeking, and napping, dreaming of life on Mars and beyond.  One small step for kitty. A giant pounce for cat kind!

    Our unique and fun Kitty Cardboard Designer Boxes are made from the highest quality ECO and PET-friendly materials, while giving a modern touch to your home and fulfilling ALL of your cat’s needs!

    Now with an enhanced design, Meow-ter Space 2.0 offers an even more visually appealing experience for you and a more enjoyable space for your kitty. 


    • Turn Kitty’s Playtime into a Fun Photo Booth Opportunity!
    • PLAY! HIDE! NAP! Keeps your kitty healthy and active!

    • Helps relieve stress and to adapt to a new environment!

    • Easy to assemble.

    • Durable lightweight and safe for kitty. 100% recyclable.

    • It's a great GIFT for cats and their owners!

    • Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 14" with the largest opening being 8" in diameter. 

    • Fits small to medium cats up to 20 pounds.

    • Made in the USA.