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We are a small, women-owned, bootstrapped business, founded in 2017. After being set back by Hurricane Irma, we launched to the public in the fall of 2018!

We sell a cat’s most favorite item – a box! The idea was born when our CEO, Liene, noticed that, even though, her rescue kitty, Bella, had all of the kitten toys imaginable, cat tree, cat tower, cat bed, even outdoor cat house, at the end of the day, the only thing that Bella seemed to care about was the Amazon Prime box on the living room floor. 

Why do cats like boxes? They make them feel safe, provide comfort, help deal with stress, and are a PURR-fect place for playinghiding, of course, napping! So, she simply thought “Why not create a fun “meowbox”, designed specifically for cats, that would give my princess exactly what she wants, keep her healthy and active, while, at the same time, compliment my household interior?” Kitty Cardboard was born!

By frequently releasing new colorful designs, we let our feline friends celebrate the seasons and travel the world, or even explore MEOW-ter space, while their crazy cat lady takes PAW-some photos for their Instagram profiles!

Liene with her Princess Bella.

Our mission is to raise brand awareness while creating a community of cat lovers around it. As our business grows, so does our main goal of helping cats-in-need find their FUR-ever homes and spread joy in their lives! We hope that you will join us on this journey by thinking inside of the box!

With Kitty Cardboard, “kitten play” is never going to be boring for cats or their parents. Cats are born royal, and, with Kitty Cardboard, they feel exactly that way, after all – IT’S ALL ABOUT THE BOX!!!


Love MEOW – The Kitty Cardboard family  🐈