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    About Kitty Cardboard

    We sell a cat’s most favorite item - a box! - with a special design that allows them to be able to NAP, PLAY, HIDE, EXPLORE, ACCLIMATE to new spaces, RELIEVE STRESS, and take PAW-some PHOTOS for their Instagram profiles, while giving a MODERN touch to your home.

    By frequently releasing new colorful designs, Kitty Cardboard inspires cats and their parents to CELEBRATE the seasons and TRAVEL the world TOGETHER, while turning kitty’s playtime into a fun PHOTO BOOTH opportunity!

    Our UNIQUE and FUN Kitty Cardboard cat houses are crafted from the highest quality ECO and PET-friendly materials, and printed with CAT-SAFE non-toxic soy-based ink.

    YES! Kitty Cardboard Designer Boxes for cats are made from 100% corrugated cardboard and are entirely recyclable.

    Cardboard as a material itself is thought to reduce stress for cats in not only providing a hiding place but also through its smell and texture. Cats love to scratch and chew it almost as much as they like to sleep in it or on it.

    📦 Cats Like to Play.

    Cats love to play games, especially hunting games, and one of their favorites is lying in wait for an unsuspecting victim to pass by and pouncing. Cats will find many clever hiding spots from which to play this game, but a cardboard box is ideal, and your cat will see its value immediately if it can get inside.

    📦 It Provides Insulation.

    Many cats hate the cold weather despite their heavy coat and enjoy the cardboard boxes’ insulating effect. The inside of a cardboard box does an excellent job of retaining the cat’s natural body heat, allowing it to maintain a stable temperature while it sleeps that’s closer to what it feels is ideal.

    📦 Protection.

    Not only does a cardboard box provide a great place to hide while waiting for unsuspecting victims, but it’s also ideal for hiding from potential predators. Cats feel safe when they are inside the box and seem to think you can’t see them, even if their tail or other parts of the body hang out. Since they make the cat feel safe, they are a great hiding spot from the garbage truck that sends many cats scurrying and looking for shelter and other similar perceived dangers, including fireworks.

    📦 It’s Comfortable.

    Not only does cardboard do an excellent job of retaining body heat, but it can also be quite comfortable due to its multilayer design. Cats will often seek out a cardboard surface to sleep on if one is available, and they seem to sleep a bit longer. The cardboard can also form to the body, making it more comfortable as you use it more frequently.

    📦 Cats Can Scratch and Chew It.

    Another reason cats seem to like cardboard even when they can’t hide inside it is that the soft yet durable surface is perfect for scratching. Cats can also sink their teeth into the lightweight cardboard without worry about injuring them, and it can help keep them clean.

    📦 No Chemical Smell.

    Many commercial cat toys, especially box-type toys, can have a strong chemical smell that cats don’t like. Cats have an extremely sensitive nose and can pick up scents we cannot, and if they don’t like the scent, they will avoid it. Cardboard has a more natural smell because it is natural, so it is much more inviting to your cat. Cardboard is also biodegradable, so it’s better for the environment, and while our cat might not care, we sure do.

    YES! Our Kitty Cardboard boxes are durable and will last a long time with most cats.  

    However, some cats are known to get very "passionate" when it comes to chewing cardboard, and, if your kitty is one of them, the lifetime of your Kitty Cardboard box may decrease a bit. Nevertheless, it still has served its purpose and has made your fur baby happy, while also helping to keep his/her teeth clean, which is one of the reasons cats love cardboard.

    Kitty Cardboard Designer Boxes for cats are very easy to assemble. See for yourself by checking out our "Box Assembly and Features" page.

    Kitty Cardboard boxes are designed to accommodate cats almost all sizes that weight up to 20 pounds.

    Assembled Kitty Cardboard Box Dimensions: 14" x 14" x 14" with the largest opening being 8" in diameter. 

    As our business grows, so does our main goal of helping cats-in-need find their FUR-ever homes and spread joy in their lives! We donate our products to animal shelters and foster care programs across the nation. To learn more, please visit our "Giving Back" page.

    If there is an organization you would like to support, please email us at rescue@kittycardboard.com.

    After all, every kitty deserves home and a pretty box!

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